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Лежанский Вячеславович Андрей Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
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It all was started in the distant 2005, when Psygor (current vocalist) decided to introduce a dark sounding of black metal into the atmosphere of moldavian underground scene. In autumn the same year at one of the Chisinau metal concerts he met to future mastermind Oraculum, who completely has supported his idea to launch the musical project of this nature. At that time, a still nameless group was consisted of three musicians: Psygor [lead vocals], Oraculum [lead guitars] and Milansky [drums]. A little later, the bassist LarianVonLich has joined to the trio. During the 2005-2006, the band is expanding their skills and creates their first own songs. After some time Milansky is leaving the group. His place takes drummer Kravis, who makes a progressive contribution to the team’s development. Having played as a quartet till mid-2006, the band members seriously have thought about formation of their own musical style. It was decided to decorate the music by atmospherical sound. SYNARTHA invites the keyboardist Mortiis, who fills the sounding with orchestral industrial content. During the 2007-th, the band continues experimenting with music and sound. (violin and female opera vocal). April 12, 2008, SYNARTHA presents its first performance on the metal festival "Spring Metal Show" in Chisinau. After the concert the band continues to rehearse and develops new creations and december 27 of the same year performs on festival "Death Moroz-5", playing on the same scene with local groups, supporting BoniNem.
Artha (2009)