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Sanya Starr [sa:nia][sta:r] is an Russian androgynous male singer and musician, bright representative of adult contemporary music. He is notable for his extreme androgyny and his ability to successfully model both male and female image. “I’m comfortable in my body. My look is very personal to me”, he tells. It's the same look we're now seeing in music and with teenagers and twenty-somethings on the street. He makes people open their eyes. Makes them question how one presents one’s image. It's attention-grabbing – it's all about looking twice and asking questions. How? Why? And a good image should hold your attention. He has always been the way there and didn’t feel any embarrassment. In his own songs Sanya Starr brings an element of scandal, scoffing above the image himself and above Puritan morals: “Self-expression is very important for me, therefore I don’t adhere to censorship”, - singer tells.
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