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~~~ "Most artists take a decade or two to comfortably inhabit the blues genre. Despite his fairly brief musical history of only 5 ‘blues years’, Philip Sayce has been able to awaken even the most cynical of blues audiences with the fiery passion of a tempest and no rest in sight." -quote from Fuzician Magazine ~~~
This is not an official bio. This is information which has been gathered from various sources as well as Philip Sayce himself and placed into a summarized format. As soon as I have an official bio, I will put it here. Name: Philip Sayce Born: June, 1976 Birthplace: Wales (moved to Canada at the age of 2, Presently living in Toronto, Canada) Influences: Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B, King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and more. Misc: - Taught himself how to play guitar but with a bit of help from his mother - Inspired to play music by the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn - First band at the age of 15 (first bar band at 18) - Recorded his first CD (self titled) in 1996 on Hypnotic Records. - Played with Jeff Healey for 2 years Gear: Phil's Trademark Axe: Yellow Strat with one mother of a paint chip missing. ----I know that isn't much help, but when I asked Phil about his guitar, the conversation went something like this: "I'm Not sure what year it is. Its just a reissue, cause I can't afford a real one" "So we're talkin what, '82, '83?" "No, its not even that old. I think its an '88" Gibson SG: Recently, at the latest Ottawa gig, Phil was using a nice Gibson, especially on some of the Clapton tunes. Don't have much else on that yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Amps This is Phil's amp for all his smaller club shows. In case you can't read the name, its a Super Reverb Amp--I'm assuming made by Fender--but if someone can correct me I'd appreciate it, cause I have no clue. I never got close enough to the thing. Should you want a close up of the amp and dial settings, click on the image for a bigger view. This amp is soon to be replaced however, as Phil finds the Low end lacking, probably due to old age. It just doesn't handle the lows well enough any more. --Matchless with 4x12 cab For bigger shows, Phil needs something a bit more reliable than his club amp. For those, he's running through a Matchless Head into a 4x12 Cab (sorry don't know the speakers). This is also what Phil uses on the road with Jeff Healey. Personally, although Phil might deny it, I think playing with Jeff has rubbed off a little bit on Phil. (Jeff uses a Matchless as well). EFFECTS Deja Vibe Drive O' Matic Wah--probably a Vox, but possibly a Cry-Baby or Jimi Strings With a grin, "I use .11-.58, whatever those are called."
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