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I heard "Weather a funk or not" and closing my eyes I couldn´t avoid hearing the sounds from "Tribal Tech" and "Weather Report". From the music idea point of view my opinion is "fantastic". From the perfomance and production point of view my opinion is "to be developed". The sound of the instruments is quite good but the conection between them needs to be improved (this is my opinion as a listener) ---- Band -- Bandsman Ibiza, Spain ThiNk u gUYs rOCk!CautioN Iz a AWEsOmE TraK.sOMeStAr TRaK SHi*YoU caTS R wIKed.thANxZ 4 leTIN wEiN tU eAR u. Ps.I shAL RETurN 2 eArMorE tHE fiRm! Musician ---- Malik Torain -- North Carolina, US Enjoyable LISTENING with yours, very Jazz Funk orientated, especially the track 'caution,' - and very John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea. Musician --- Ian Whiteway --- South-West, UK I have listened to your compositions and like where you are going! Very fascinating music and am very into it! Nice melodic contrasts to the spacious and open freedom of the chord progressions! You guys have some Major Talent! It takes me back to Bitches Brew, On the Corner, and other Jazz classics. An Excellent time in Jazz and your music is a very nice contribution. Musician--- Michael David Sherwood -- New Mexico, US.
Perpetuum Mobile Project is a project made by two young musicians Nick Songhulashvili (guitars) and Gaga Darsalia (keyboards) from Tbilisi, Georgia. All the other instruments’ tracks are composed and recorded by these two musicians. The project was launched in the September 2007, influenced by Brand x, Weather Report, Jean-Luc Ponty, King Crimson and various others of those times. Since that the band of two has been working on the debut album - Perpetual Motion, recording tracks in their home studio.
Perpetual Motion
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