True Love

They say when Girl loves someone Somehow she feels he is the One And she strives to get the best of him But for me the beauty of these words is dim Each time the two first meet and fall in love We are so impatient, we can’t have enough The passion between us makes our eyes blind Creatures of fantasy, the rest – left behind And when times get hard we recover our sight Often start quarrels and risk to lose the Light I had no idea we both should’ve entered the Gate But I swear I knew you would be my fate * * * This time we better calm down and take 1 step back Offences set bounds – let’s put that shit in a sack I know it was my fault, your intentions – the best ‘Cause you make all my weaknesses turn into strengths It’s always easy to love a prince on white horse But for some reason you stayed on my course We both not ideal, but our ties became lucky find You are my lady, my muse – I keep that in mind Now I know, these words come from heart: Love is our thread – even when we are apart So in front of these people I’m bending my knee And saying: ‘I love you for loving the worst in me’
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