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Band name: Inversia Place of occupation: Tartu, Estonia. Place of interest: World Our global goal: to become a good, well-known rock band in the world Our local goal: to have Estonia Our languages: Russian and English of course Band style: Metal and heavy rock Favorite musical styles: Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal, Speed Metal, Trash. Favorite bands, who were a inspirative for us: Metallica, Aria, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Van Halen... mostly every good rock/metal band in the world. We don't deny any music. Color: Black Practice Base: "Garage" - sorry we don't give you exact adress, we're tired of girl-fans. Beer: yes Drugs: no Girls: yessssssss......
Ivanov Danil Лидер-вокал
Pavel Gladkov Лидер-гитара
Alexei Kazakov Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
Oleg Ivanov Ударные инструменты
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Band "Iversia"Founded in November, 1999 by Oleg and Danil Ivanov's (they're not brothers... but should be)The early Inversia consisted of 3 people, those two... and Vovan(Vladimir Silin), who played on drums.At this stage group was in search of their music style and had no clear destination. Because of lack of instruments, ideas, place and time the band didn't actively played for almost a half a year. This was the time from March, 2001 to December, 2001 In December, 2001 the 3'rd group member Aleksei Kazakov has decided to join the band. Oleg played bass, Alexei expirienced with guitar and Vovan still played drums. Danil as the leader was on the guitar and vocals. This setup wasn't actually good. In spring, Danil found through internet Pavel Gladkov who's had much musical expririence before but for 3 years hasn't played anywhere in the band. After Pavel finally joined the band many things changed... First, Vovan had to go - the rest of the band decided he's not flexible and talented enough to stay. Somebody had to go for drums. It was Oleg who left bass and becomed a drummer. Aleksei was made for bass so he becomed a new bass player. This was also good because he's had the most calm temper. After that the band was mainly working on improving new songs and composing the new ones. Till now they hasn't yet decided what style would they be. Mainly some musical tastes in the band are quite different, but for now we can say that we wanna be kinda mix of Aria, Metallica, Stratovarius... and of course Inversia!
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guitars, bass, drums