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The Lungs

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Краткое описание
жуткий странный на 5/8
Краткое описание
жуткий странный на 5/8
Над треком работали
Александр Белоусов, Михаил Мясоедов
Автор музыки
Александр Белоусов
Автор текста
William Blake
жуткий странный на 5/8
История создания
взял, да и записал
The Book of Los by William Blake
Михаил Мясоедов

The Lungs heave incessant
The Lungs heave incessant, dull
And heavy For as yet were all other
Parts formless Shiv'ring: clinging around like
A cloud Dim and glutinous as the white
Polypus Driv'n by waves and englob'd on the tide

And the unformed part crav'd repose sleep began: the
Lungs heave on the Wave weary overweigh'd
Sinking beneath in a stifling black fluid he woke
He arose on the waters, but soon heavy falling his organs like Roots
Shooting out from the seed, shot beneath, and a vast world of
Waters around him in furious torrents began
Then he sunk, and around his spent
Lungs began intricate pipes that drew in the spawn
Of the waters. outbranching an immense
Fibrous form, stretching
Out thro' the bottoms of immensity raging

He rose on the floods
He rose on the floods: then he smote the wild deep with his
Terrible wrath, Seperating the heavy and thin
Down the heavy sunk;
Cleaving around to the fragments cleaving a-round to the fragments
Of solid: up rose
The thin, flowing round the fierce fires that
Glow'd furious in the expanse