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Boris Gagloev is a composer and a guitar-player, a representative of the generation of the musicians performing academic and jazz avanguard. He combines various tendencies of post modem, new jazz and orient cultures in his creations. Having refracted these tendencies through the prism of his world view he creates a music language that combines the abstractiveness and the cleanness of the images with the subjectivism and eccentrics of their realizations. The abstractiveness and eccentrics have become the result of his separation from the primitive realistic philosophy of the traditional art. However the music of Boris Gagloev possess well-built aesthetic and philosophy that is based on the well-known ancient ideas of the universe and personal intuitive experience of the composer. It is practically impossible to determinate Boris Gagloev's style. It can evoke various allusions from the formalistic constructions of the 20th century to the Gregorian choral. Habitually the compositions represent permanent twinkling of styles or their eclectic combinations. The eclecticism, been risen to the level of the conceptual value, however becomes one of creative principles without which the music of Boris Gagioev couldn't exist. The spontan improvisation is the - main preference of the composer in which he realizes himself in a best way. Having not been painted in one color his improvisations habitually are nonfigurative and a little bit static, but they never evoke the impression of monotonous and ennui. They remind to the very fast rolling roundabout of rhythmic and intonation symbols, dynamic collapses and rises which are brief in time but tremendous in amplitude. The form could be both static and developing by changing the emotional plentitude and colors. The questions concerning the primary human nature and universe are the center of Boris Gagioev's interest, but those problems don't prevent him to combine the meditation and asceticism with irony and epatage when it is necessary.
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Boris Gagloev was bom in 1969 in Vologda (Russia), He began to study music (piano, vocal) at the age of five. Later (1980 - 1986) he studied classic guitar in private class of the lately well- known virtuoso Sergej Mashkov. He futheres his professional education in Vologda Music College in 1986 - 1990 and in Arhangelsk. He finished the Arhangelsk Music College as an external student in 1993 in a quality of a jazz guitar-player. Since 1986 he is interested in various postmodern conceptions and the creation of his own music-theatre project "The Internal Orchestra" (1990 - 1998) was a result of this interest. Several studio recordings, TV performances and participation in a number of festivals took place at "The Internal Orchestra" epoque. Boris Gagloev studied the different systems of composition, contrapunct and continued to improve his guitar techniques at the same time. From 1992 till 1994 he collaborated, with Youth Drama Theatre in Vologda as a composer, an actor and a professor in drama school. In 1994 Boris Gagloev moved to Saint Petersburg, then he began the active concert activity in Europe as a new jazz guitar-player. Having been engaged in several international projects he showed himself like a brilliant virtuoso easy playing both in ensembles and solo programs. In spring of 1994 Boris Gagloev entered the experimental course headed by the famous composer V. Gajvoronsky in Saint-Petersburg Academy of Theatre and Music, where he studied the ultra modern composition techniques, acoustic and modern music philosophy. In autumn 1995 Boris Gagloev became the initiator of creation of the "New Music" Association, which involved the non-banal thinking musicians of Saint-Petersburg representatives of academic and jazz avanguard. Having been the art director of the association Boris Gagloev organized several large music actions and two festivals of new music "Ears into the Tube" in 1996, 1997. Moreover from August 1996 till August 1997 Boris Gaglocv manages the monthly program "Free Jazz Session" in the most popular in Russia jazz club "JFC" (Saint Petersburg). Also Boris Gagloev is an author of music for seven theatre plays and three films, a number of pieces for different musical instruments, vocal and ensembles. He took part in the recording of seven CD's. Since August 1997 is living in Prague (Czech Republic).