Dark Revenge

Dark Revenge are atmospheric progressive death metal band from Tomsk(Siberia, Russia). Now the DR band are recording "Atlantis Prime" EP and making DVD "5 Yers Anniversary of DR". Release will be in January 2013.
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Alexey Kokhanov Лидер-гитара
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"www.atmosfearzine.com" - рецензия на альбом Cult of Assassins "http://www.metalizer.ru/" - интервью в 20м номере журнала
The band was formed on 7th April 2007 by Dark and Dozer. In 2 month concert activity was started. First band’s fans appeared immediately what certainly motivated artists. The next 3 years were spent finding own style and great sound. And this time was not wasted – artists practiced a lot and skilled special concert style and unusual performance. After the vocalist being changed, it was decided to leave all what was done and set up for something new. And this “something new” became their first album “Cult of Assassins”. The band worked hard and it has become a great base for our new multifaceted and progressive music. DARK REVENGE is not afraid of experimenting with different music styles combining them in one composition but how they say: "We never forget who we are". Stay Metal. Dark Revenge
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