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Message From Nonborn Children (Hell Of Win Remix)

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Над треком работали
Игорь Лапин, Сергей Фомин, Алексей Алешков
FFF Rec.
There's bright town of the sun:
There are children always laugh –
You must ever will be come,
Bring it your eternal love.

They're all clever Japanese,
In best city of my world.
They're honour, kind, nonsqueeze,
Living as in Age of Gold.

In reflections don't fast drown
I sing about your mother town…
Up your hands, don't put its down
If you'll love my Happytown.

In this town of great dream,
Grow the flowers of nice smell.
People smiles you very scream,
Singing odes which looking well.

It is good, that there is place
In the world of defect strange:
Urban pipes and plants lengthways,
Smoky circles, any flange.

Buildings filled of lunar light,
Drastic air for many miles.
Healthy uterus as site
Where nonborned children smiles.

Town of labour glory prides
Apon beauty of yourself.
Quarters of skyscrapers rights
At the river of dead elf.

And above that town flies
Helicopters – heaven drums.
Chocolate for any guys!
All the pilots throw this ones…

Goldhair boy will ask me where
People losts theirs beauty gown.
I will answer you don't care
There's no need in Happytown.

Heaps of silver was dug down
Find its in my Happytown.
Heaps of diamonds was dug down
Find its in my Happytown.
Loves you full my Happytown?..
Обновлено 16.11.2010