Down The Spiral
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Автор английской версии - Александр фон Верцикт. Музыка - И. Белов
Англоязычная версия "По Спирали"
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We search for the way in the caves of the earth, We crawl by the cellers of silence.
And haughty sun tries to burn our souls, And raven prepares for violence.
Forget the beginning, don't look for the end.
All dreams were destructed by fire.
We all here are tired, we all are so mad.
And life goes down by the spiral.

And my way is so long,
I'm two hundred years old.
I'm so tired of life. Can you help me, My God?

We send our words to both heaven and hell, So tired of tries to find reason.
The dew from the forests is our only help, But forests are our only prison.
The god and the devil create our life,
We crawl in the night like a spiders.
Another one day is another one cry.
And life goes down by the spiral
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