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Flock of birds

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Автор музыки
Александр Пермяков
Автор текста
Александр Пермяков
Flock of birds
Кольцо Фро
1. Wings noise, I hear beside me,
Flock of birds, in the moonlight,
Heart’s knock, blood from the wound,
This pain, will not calm down,
The mad world, pain and fear,
I cry, I pray for you,
You fly, fly to the sky,
Fly birds, flock of birds.

2. At the dawn, I hear a song,
A sweet whisper, it flies to me,
A long way, ahead of you,
Day, night, without a dream,
You are children, sons of the sky,
Life and death, winter garden,
Your life, a way to the sun,
Fly birds, flock of birds.

3. New day, it will return,
Shouts of birds, the sun will rise,
But the rain, will wet the wings,
And you, you are in a cage,
You love, you love freedom,
Your destiny, plays with you,
Last drop, and the sun shines,
Fly birds, flock of birds.