I'll be your lover

Like snowy roses need the sun, You need love from me, it's fun, Oh, I'll never let you go, Every time I miss you so, I believe in your dreams, But i know - it only seems, Do you wanna to be bad? And I'm donna to be mad, Don't tell me lie - don't say - Goodbye, Highway turns - my heart then burns. Maybe, I'll be your lover, baby, Tonight will gone in forever and nowhere, Lady, let me to be your cover, And you'll be undercover, just tonight. Maybe, you're living in devotion, Don't show me this emotion, Please don't try to do it, In the morning, when i wake up, i'm calling, You're missing my calls, From day to day... Did you give me flame of love? Heaven know this stranger stuff, Can you never tell me lies? And don't break my paradise. I will crying by the morning sun, 'Cause you are for me the one, Do you want to feel a fire? we soon believe what we desire, Rest in passion - you have intention, I give a chance for you, Oh, baby, that is true...
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