Mr Obama - music video demo version

144 3 года
Описание: "Mr. Obama" lyrics Hay, Mister Obama, how are your living On the other far side of the Earth? Mister Obama, about what are You thinking? Can you feel there absolute comfort? The «Mother of Kuz'ka» Is not softy pussy Like your trusted yellow-blue whore Brings a hell straight from the heaven For all sins witch more than seven And will force to pay off the score … Hay, Mister Obama, on your cosy green lawn You talk anything to the world But what really mean You? I guess it’s only show For naive men who believed in your word Well, You cannot be upright, ‘Cause You are politician You create your professional lies But it cannot to last forever There’s «The Fair Law» on the Heaven For all sinners who live under skyes (Mister Obama, it was personally nothing, I just told about «Safe of the World» …) Necessery comments : 1) «Mother of Kuz'ka», «Kuz'kas Mother» or «Kuzmas Mother», «Mother of Kuzma» and so on furth - is archaic russian idiom. In modern history, when the USSR made the H-Bomb, soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev declared - «I'll show you Kuz'kas Mother!». And in the day 30th oct. 1961 most powerful bomb in human history AN-602 had been tested. The shock wave ran around the Earth 3 times. After that «Mother of Kuz'ka» became the synonym of Russian weapons power. 2) «yellow-blue whore» - Petro Poroshenko and others corrupted Ukrainian politicians
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