009 A series of unsolvable problems - Antuan Graftio "theory"

94 3 года
Описание: Communication with the world – zero.001 Shaky connection to the world002 Infinite communication003 Ode to the time spent in the woods004 Park melancholy005 Romantic mood006 Scraps of memories007 Hammers clockwork008 Bloodless revolution in consciousness009 A series of unsolvable problems010 The morning of the next day011 A protest march012 Pulse eternity013 Means for final calculationsUnder the "theory" author and performer Antoine Graftio in August 2016 recorded a new album entitled "Communication with the world - zero."The main idea of the album "Communication with the world - zero" is the attempt of modern humanity ignore the reality that in most cases leads to negative or even dramatic events.The musical concept is a tour of the modern styles of alternative dance music, which means that the composition of the album "Communication with the world - zero" is not tied to a particular style and direction.The album "Relationship with the world - zero" Boden primarily interested in all the fans of experimental music, as the music of this work are no battered bottoms and the stereotypes.