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Даунтемпо Синти-поп Чилаут Танцевальная поп-музыка Фанк
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The idea of ​​creating this project was suggested to me by my friend, cj and guitarist from Ukraine. After listening to demos for my project "HeteroBoy" from the album "PentaFunk", he said that I make "candy". I thought. At that moment, I was a total failure with AudioJungle. Immediately 6 of my tracks from the album "Day of a lonely intelligent man" were rejected, the reason was not mentioned anywhere. I freaked out, demanded that Envato delete my account on this audio stock, and for several years I desperately hit on the preparation and publication of box-sets with my natural recordings. However, the word "candy" never left my memory... In the end, I decided to give away all my jingles for free to everyone.
Инструменты и оборудование
FL Studio, Pentagon VSTi, FM7 VSTi, V-Station VSTi
HipHop, Electro, House, WorldMusic, Funk
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GreenWave Studios, Rus. Ekb.
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