Lulaby (2012 г)
8:42 26 1 7 лет
Психоделический рок
студия творческого центра Бочко А.
Lullaby Intro: Whenever a good child dies an angel of God comes down from heaven, takes the child in his arms, spreads his great white wings and flies with him over all places which the child had loved during his life. Then he gathers a large handful of flowers which he carries up to the Almighty that they may bloom more brightly in heaven… (H.C. Andersen, “the Angel”)* Step on the softest carpet of grass You’re moving gently through the fog In the brightest moonlight And listen to the voice of waterfalls And rivers float Oh, baby, don’t you recognize It’s your real home Don’t wake in the night Till you sleep I will fight Fight away all your fears You’re safe ‘cause I am here I’ll whisper in the dark Hush, my dear, grab my arm Leave behind all your fears And lead me through your dreams You’re creeping about on your tiptoe To see what’s hidden here Turn round, come back, my dear Leave viper’s poison for me Leave on Earth these bunches of flowers Turn round and run back home Throw away the bunches of flowers And run back, run back, run back, run You’re creeping about on your tiptoe Toseewhat’shere…