Albion(2012 promo)
5:28 100 0 8 лет
Психоделический рок
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Vade Mecum
История создания
Записан перед президентскими "выборами" 2012
Promo 2011
Useless people Pointless people Faithless people where you gonna hide, where you gonna hide? Go, get up now, Don't give up now, Hurry up now Stand up and fight, Stand up and fight! You wanna know, what disturbs me so? It's a dread and bloody alliance of this Albion You wanna find, what hurts me so? I've been buried alive by this Albion Fameless victims, Politic teams, We've predicted And now we sick and tired, so Go, get up now, Don't give up now, Hey' wake up now! Stand up and fight!