If Love Is Forever
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Танцевальная поп-музыка
Песенный вариант предыдущего медлячка. Vocal by Yaroslav Zhalybin (Air Castles), lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev, music by Olegris
Lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) Автор стихов Андрей Москалёв (г.Санкт-Петербург) If Love Is Forever .......... I just wanna set you free. Fly away my little angel. Now I know – it’s not for me. Leave no trace. You can hurt me with your kiss, With your touch, with every motion. Never look at me like this. Hide your face. I will ask myself, if there was a sympathy. I don’t know. I can’t explain. I will let you go, my beautiful mystery. And I want to feel no pain. .......... Refrain: Girl, Just let me know If love is forever, Love is forever. No… Why did you go? If love is forever, Love is forever. Never I’ll believe your eyes. Don’t regret. It was something magical. I will not forget. .......... Let my feelings pass you by To be always out of danger. Now it’s time for love to die. Just give in. Music with no melody, Empty pictures with no colors… Now it’s all that I can see In my sin. So, I have to say – I don’t wanna stay with you, ‘Cause I’m sure – we’ve lost the way. Will I spend my life in search for somebody new? Time will show some other day. .......... Refrain .......... Refrain.