Dead Simple
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Чувак в зеленом костюме побывал в аду, дабы закрыть врата, через которые полчища тьмы проникали на бренную землю.
Dead Simple
AfoS Studio
Outpost of hell Lucifer’s realm Deep in their land Gun only friend Stalemate Hell awaits At the gate Rise spawn of waste Death spilling haste Dejection Despair Demise Break The walls psychopathy consumes Kill No friends everything in your way is Dead Infested metal and dead flesh combined Simple Penetrate and strike the haunted heart of Hell The planet’s population hostage to their Terror Blood rivers, toxic spills and Armageddon Dead Survival rage assault the only way is Simple Berserker smashing through their fucking bones Outpost of hell Lucifer’s realm Dread stiffened stone None but your own Devastate Tricks and traps Eternal wait Trapped in the win Icon of sin Revival Respawn Reprise Walls overcoming Consumed by the fire Enrage aberration Berserker messiah End of the living Condemned to the pyre Enrage aberration Berserker messiah Break walls down Slime rot conflagration Crush their bones Venom spite incineration Hell runs loose Slime rot conflagration Psychopath Venom spite incineration