Online Girl (Eurodance Version feat. Chito)
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Online Girl CDS 2010
Free Territory Studio
Eyes behind the glass of laptop screen I know your name and just it seems I know your world Love my love will never be the tale I send my heart to your e-mail My lonely girl Nights make me crazy oh this way It`s such amazing love today I will send my heart away You're my only lonely you're my on-line girl I will never hold you never touch your soul Every time I see you in my fantasy You're the only lonely but you`re not for me I don't wanna lose you in Web reality Oh my heart will choose you baby stay with me Do you hear my heartbeat do you hear my call You're my only lonely you're my on-line girl Voice I hear your voice inside my Skype My loving heart it feels the vibe My lonely girl Smile your smile it touches me so deep I send my love into the QIP Your silent world Days make me crazy oh so much When I wait to get in touch You`re my girl my only crush