Waltz For My Little Brother
3:14 20 0 9 лет
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Жиров Евгений Викторович
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Waltz for my little brother You are fucking my brain Playing games on my computer. You make my hair stand on Wearing the sneakers in ringing frost. You eat only ice-cream and sweats Biting with relish a cake in conclusion. You are restricting my space I like and I need freedom so much. Freedom so much! Mad, lazy, stupid and crazy But you are my little brother! I move, I give you some little place Closer to our home fire. I'm not a gay, but I love you so much! I'm dancing a waltz with you. I'm not a gay, but I love you so much! This waltz is only for you! Sometimes I find you killing youself So frankly speaking I'd like it to do, too. Sometimes you are my punching bag When you anger and irritate me. Sometimes my eyes look at you, Sometimes my ears hear you laugh. And then my brain explodes like bomb Because you repeat and are copy of me.