Dogs Of War
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You can't count the sin And no one can win When we are between TWO BOARDERS! We can loose the Mind In the bullet wind Forming true image OF MANKIND! With no rush You can exist You can choose other Instead of iron fist But human's law With no wisdom Have no idea Where is rage from How do you like killing people? How do you feel destroy yourself! We put the most painful evil In the center of our wealth! Illusive warfare! I'm understand Boredom of living Nothing is thankful Than loving and giving Giving some blood Giving some pain Looking at you And make you stained Wherever you Sing your warfare Whatever you Get it unfair Holy maggots Like leeches Wearing mask Of undone And their poor nations Are so woebegone And their poor nations Are so woebegone With no rush! You can exist! With no rush! You can exist!
Get Angry
Totem, Danger Music, Tonhammer Studio