Hating Myself
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Композиция повествует о глубокой душевной боли и о том, что не всякий разум может это выдержать...
История создания
Трек был создан в 2008 году, но его звукозапись произошла только зимой 2009.
Rain Which Never Ends...
In an empty grey building the candle is muted The trembling flame shines eyes, tired of grime There is no hope, an endless route Compelling to feel pain till the end of time A knot on a neck, an edge on veins. What are these frictions for? They make no sense. To die beautifully, to break your chains. What a great nonsense. Death is always disgusting. You wish to inflict yourself an intolerable pain? Stay alive... The trembling of a flame grows it’s unevenly bent in the last dance I will keep this light no more Fire dies and burns my hands In this raven darkness I see an essence of myself Follow me to become alone, Leave this ordinary scene Open your heart, close a door, To not to break the routine You wish to start the way to infinity, Begin today with yourself The dark prophet, the mentor of sin Will show you the way of pain itself Pulse… echoes in temples with tension Like the raven that furiously rams into window The absent eye observes shadows with aloofness Splitting space in darkness on fragments… On fragments!!! White noise poisons space, Devouring the hope remains, What's left is to blame a universe tearing off a sin's rotten dress In an empty grey building where rules the obscure Through dark grains of air dead shining eyes There is no hope, the dream is no more Closed in dead body – the reason dies (с) SINtez* (Suprema Sors) Автор текста SINtez*. Редактор Алексей Скрябиков.