Will You Remember (Instrumental Karaoke)
4:30 355 0 10 лет
Танцевальная поп-музыка
Медленная композиция в стиле диско-поп (инструментальная версия) Track name and lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev, music & arrangement by Olegris
Lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) Автор стихов Андрей Москалёв (г.Санкт-Петербург) Will You Remember? .......... Over and over I hear his voice Whispering softly through haze and noise. Now I recall all that I have done Silently waiting for him to come. Just break your silence, say a word. Give me a chance for resurrection… Do I deserve a place beside your heart? ........... Refrain: Will you remember, will you forget that love? That common magic. Will you remember bliss given from above? It looks so tragic. Hiding behind the pain, Covered by present needs and emotions Memories must remain. There’s nothing special. It’s all you’ve left for us… .......... Happiness haunts me just like a ghost. This is the feeling I miss the most. Please, lend an ear to my serenade. That’s all I ask if it’s not too late. I will not hurt you anymore. This is a plot for other chapter. I’ll walk alone but not without my dream. Refrain. ..........