Late passenger
4:13 95 0 10 лет
2009 Among
Home Studio
Late passenger Bus traveler, Have you kept your place? Have you got it as something due? Let machine goes Into night maze - It’s better for me and you. Just tell me truth Of all your things Inside and your dreams. Late passenger, I’ll keep our creed – It’s only for you and me. I know you have Your own desires – I see that you’re quiet. I think you live Your own life That drives your world inside You pay no need To the world behind And around. Lone passenger Choosing way of life - I see you’ve already found. What do you want: Seductive dreams Or ordinary way? You're gazing at watch, Have you planned any deal Instead the senseless race? Just go through your way By never crawl But easy flight! Lone passenger, In the fight called “Life” Believe in your own desires. Now let me know The gists you hide Inside your daily hopes. Bus traveler – That’s now you are. You may be need no more! I guess you like Coming through The eternal maze. Late passenger, I wish it goes – Don’t stop neverending race Just show me speed, I can hardly get it Face to face. Bus traveler, Explain me now, How not to stop neverending race. Late passenger, I wish we go, Don’t stop neverending race!