Under the Sail
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Lestat de Llamorte
баллада пирата, влюблённого в море
I didn’t think I love you so, my dear sea… Love you more than any pretty maid I think I loved you when yet even didn’t see And now heartfully pretend To rushing waves against the creaking wood To bursting winds and blind rains To treasure that you are – ‘tis more than gold for me I think I love you more than love can be… I didn’t think I could love someone, but I failed The pirate, outlaw… you finally prevailed But I find pleasure in our instinctive unite Cheated the gallows, yet not died… Caught under the sail! In the waters of dream… Caught under the sail! Laughing skull on the reel! Caught under the sail! Wild and free! That’s where my heart belongs to be… Under the sail in the sea! I didn’t think I love you so, my dear sea… Never thought could talk like this With you, my ever best companion For the rummy drink… They think we’re odd… together, aye, we are… They not expected us (to) been got that far… By rushing waves against the creaking wood Aye, only madmen find this madness good… Caught under the sail!