Struggle for nought
5:41 57 0 10 лет
2009 Among
Home Studio
Struggle for nought Endless fight Goes on, Brings its rules. Sacrifice To its laws – Pay your due. Arms are loaded, flags ahead – We are ready to struggle for nought. But nobody can find the man, Who ordered to go to be fought. His face is hidden in obscurity Behind the impregnable walls. No one can rich and trouble him – He feels he is master at all! Have you set The highest price You can pay? The risk you’ve get Saves your mind From sober aims. Step by step you go again No to glory, but just to your grave. Your steps are sure; you dream ‘bout fame – Nobody will know your being brave! You waste your strength to victory, You’ve forgotten those, who at home. Your getting rest kills your family More quickly, than you kill your foes! War race Never stops, Foes never end. Somebody’s hand Always points New opponent. Fear of shame makes you step Into deadly appointed highway – Thousands influated players Fall victims to somebody’s games. Are you ready to die for all the army? Is it ready to get dying for you? Armored mobs are looking for glory, And finding the lives full of ruins.