Road to Anywhere
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Road to anywhere We tempt the world with our sights We enjoy his virgin light Our darkness will bring fights Boldness and fear fights We should hide to save ourselves We will not ask about the help Break freedom from this agony Then you will feel eternity This last temptation for this earth She will not see more than our birth Children will show us a wrong way Today we will escape away There`s no time to amuse the death We will fight before last breath Eventually dreams will die somewhere They have chosen the road to anywhere Hanging over a precipice They afraid to fall down Smile on the pale face Speaks about falling crown Everyone hopes to be saved Only the miracle can help Regret about loss of secret lore You`ve learnt them no more You have made a mortal sin All should remain in within The lie will become your queen The trophy on her tomb is still unseen There`s no time to amuse the death... Now our world is so far Time forces us to weep Sometimes it puts us a scar Сoldness of this time We`ve never suffered so deep Love takes my cold hand Takes away me from lie My heart will never die We should not sacrifice It is a deceit for our eyes Now terrible liars are free Let's look whom they will be There`s no time to amuse the death...