История 1: Straight to the end
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Я начинаю бежать. В моей руке камень. Камень в моей голове...
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Очень крутая песня. Круче даже Земфиры и Чичериной
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I'm straiting to run - stone's in my hand, stone's in my head. The weather's going bad - me either, I'm cold, I'm scaried, I'm rotting like a pile of leaves outside getting wet in the rain. Anything I do, whether I want it or not - I do it in vain. Every little cell in my brain - the voices I hear, they're crying for help. I can't stay unharmed no more, my body is itching like hell. I can't see, I wonder where is my home, I'm living in the very fucking heart of quick sand. My damned life is goin' on all the way STRAIGHT TO THE END, MAN Hey man, do you hear what I'm saying, I don't like the way it comes to me every morning; I feel like I'm sinkin', I'm drowning; Hey, what's goin' on I got to know; I'm waitin' for a phone call, waitin' for my doorbell to break this pressing silence all around me, I gotta find out, I got a very bad feeling- why she's been silent for so long? Every little bit of a time is burning me alive, it's stabbing me without knife; A smartass on the tube got the answers but his answers are really but the motherfuckin' jive. How much time do I have to go on and pretend? My motherfucking power's goin' on all the way STRAIGHT TO THE END, MAN