Slow and Sterile
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Разговор Смерти и его Матери (о Жизни, разумеется)
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NARRATOR: "Once raped she got pregnant with death she gave it life and it sucked on her breasts it was fed on milk mixed with blood it slept in its own turds" MOTHER: "at seven o'clock I woke up bleedin', bein' unable to stop it my body was the door, it released the latch, it desecrates everything that I touch" INNER VOICE: "it will make you STERILE (STERILE) it will break you, you bet it will make all of your prayers UNAVAILING" NARRATOR: "Little baby has never grown up, it crapped on its mother right in her lap. But its mind was already old even before it was born" SON: "I am the brimstone. I am the depth. I am the shortness of your rotten breath. I am the ancient holy pig. I am the chain and I'm a link I will make you STERILE (STERILE) I will break you, you bet I will make all of your prayers UNAVAILING