Dummy Cartridge
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Ave.N, Alexx W. Crow & Nailed
Fuck The Crowd!
Muzhater666 Studio
…Let me ope your eyes, clear your waded ears To explode your delusions about what your life means. Your position seems trusty – it’s up to you to decide Between crashin’ a head or livin’ deaf & blind… …You think you are who you are who you wanna be, You think you want what you want! Damn! You can not hear – Clang! Clang! Clang! Your life is! Clang! Clang! Clang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Your want is! Bang! Bang! Bang! Pang! Pang! Pang! Your life is! Pang! Pang! Pang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The livin’s End! End! End!.. …You think your life is special! – Conceit makes you almost dead! You have the Fire but not Led in the head! Dummy! You’re fuckin’ Dummy! Dummy! Just fuckin’ Dummy!.... …Wake up Dummy! Get up Dummy! Get up! Won’t you try if you can fuckin’ fly?.. “…Fly! You can fly! (Wake up and see – you can! – you can fly!) Fly o so far & high! Passin’ thro’ minds! (Smashin’em out) Runin’ thro’ hearts! (Brinin’em down)…” …Don’t you understand you World is under attack! You are taken around, all you deeds are detected! Just ‘nother Dummy Cartridge in the Charger void of respect You’re really thinkin’ Shoota cares of your poor objections?.. …Wake up Dummy! Get up Dummy! Get up! Won’t you try! Just try! Fuckin’ try!.. …Let the Dummy start the Riot, let it jam the Lock, Let it burst in the Barrel, let it do real Work – Let it dishearten the Shoota, let it change inside Regeneratin’n’turnin’ Gamble to Suicide!..