Song For Friend
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Эстрадная музыка
Посвящение близкому другу и просто дорогому человеку.
Song For Friend When the winter walks across the streets And tries to freeze your hands Just don’t make it bad, don’t let yourself be blue Cause I will go on to find a handful Of the warming sand And bring it here for you. When the summer rides the burning sun And there’s no air to breath Just don’t make it bad and carry on, my friend, Cause I’ll find a way to ride the clouds And bring the ocean breeze From one wild nameless land. And if you see the rain when I’m away All you gotta do is call on me, ‘nd while heaven cries, I’ll send you sunny beams – they’ll find their way ‘nd you’ll see the rainbow in your skies. If you feel you’re falling down ‘nd can’t get your feet back on the ground Just don’t make it bad, my boy, you’ve got a friend. It may seem too hard but give your smile To all the world around Then come and take my hand. And if your heaven full with hellish things All you gotta do is think of me – remember I still care. Just feel me by your side and touch your strings, I promise to be there. When you live but life isn’t what it seems Don’t lose your mind control And don’t make it bad, my boy, you’ve got a friend. Don’t forget I’m always here for you To share you rise and fall Just come and take my hand. Face the light of day, do it your way Don’t be afraid at all, Know you’ve got a friend.