06 - Immortal life
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Vampyre - гитара; Alien - бас, вокал
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Авторы текста - Vampyre и Alien. Immortal life Years of fatal war has over the barrel humanity after nuclear Revelation People faced with cruelty of technics, showing miracles of firmness and selflessness Mankind was on the verge of extermination Robots sowed the seeds of betrayal among those people, who was frightened and desperate, making them cyborgs And the cyborgs, controlled by artificial mind, fought with their brothers, battled earlier shoulder to shoulder with them When a man became such a cyborg he lost all his will, feeling only pain and regret Because he betrayed, he was deceived and he didn't get something that robots promise - promise of giving immortal life . I want to die! Please let me die! Kill me if you want, but do not make me to do such things, as you wish. You promised. And I believed. But you deceived me. I'm immortal but for what price? I want to die! Die! You betrayed me! Every one left me alone. My brain is poisoned and I'm dead! But I still move, breathe and kill. I want to die! Let me die by human death!!! Through endless time of universe Only clear souls pass When they unite they create new life But being torn they utter entreaty and dreams Sometimes they get weak and die And then the light fades, leaving the dark Dreams become revenge New life become death and destruction All fantasies will come truth Maybe not in this world, but in one another But the more low and artificial the dream is The more terrible is its realisation All the most unhuman only is for us in future.