Dream Divers
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Английский женский вокал, электронный танцевальный транс, более 8 лет работы над текстом и околого года - над музыкой (разумеется, наскоками)
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10 лет назад я захотел написать реально продвигающую на Запад песню для Алсу
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Refrain (and intro): Melt in the sounds This is supreme Break through the bounds Dive in my dream Stagees: 1. This music takes me to the trance. And nobody can obscure. Don't love me! Let us go to dance. Love is a poison, not the cure. 2. I have a dream, a sign of grace. A vesper, falling from the sky, reveales a ladder, made of rays - a way to rise unreally high. 3. There is a ship in Heaven seas. I sail towards a magic shore. The sun will break the secret seals. The moon will show me the door. 4. So till the dawn and from the dusk my life is nothing but extreme... It is a freaky kind of mask: the price I pay to have my dream. ---------------- Unbound cuts of text Refrain: Follow the blood into my vein, wiping the tears, healing this pain. Throw a flood of crystal light, calming the fears, flashing the night. Stage (0?) I see you standing far below and longing for the new sunshine. It's raining, but the clouds know: those teardrops in your hair are mine. Stage (-1?) The sun will splash the rainbow's light and shine again the way it used. I won't give in without a fight and break the dream that you refused. ---------------- Alternative refrains: Melt in the sounds This is supreme Break through the bounds Dive in my dream Dive in the night Fly with my chords straight as the light, sharp like a sword Feel how the blood pulses its knocks Wave like the flood fighting with rocks