Generous Knight
7:47 23 0 12 лет
Композиция с альбома 2001г
Cruel Fight
Fargo Records
Generous knight Diablo: The dragon flies faster than the wind Through the darkest sky. The punishment will be given by the King For a disgusting lie... He was eager for the battle every night When the evil's going down... The somber castle and the puddles of the blood Where that King was found. Nobody heard his dying scream Which was disturbing by the quiet... She realized it wasn't a dream Crying at his grave in moonlight. Princess: Oh, generous knight, you have chosen the way With the threat of the fight In the shadow of the bay. Hear that voice and her mystery song will survive. Oh, Knight, she's a ray in your life... Diablo: And now he's a ghost Who wanders among the century-old walls. The destiny did not belong to him... There's no time to fall in despair. But his soul loudly cries, He knows the wind will never change. Sinister spirit of sacrifice Reminds about Knight's revenge For the death and for the pain, For the dusking fright. When she sings the prays of his name In gloomy day he'll see the magic light...