Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
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Music & lyrix by Michael Star Feive
(previously not released)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie --------------------- It's hard stepping aside To reconcile your pride If somebody doubts that you're right Try to restrain from fight Your enemies want to provoke your dislike Don't hurry to strike They wait for you try They just wanna see you will die Don't turn wild Let sleeping dogs lie It's wrong to suppose right now That you would never fall down And if you've looked once around You'd've seen a dangerous town The killer awaits for you with bated breath To put you to death He knows you'll go by He just wanna see you will die Don't go by Let sleeping dogs lie So far in hands of the law I know you've been never before But this time your end's gonna come I see you in black uniform The old Judge is looking at you with a smile He's satisfied He could set you free But he's gonna see you will die Don't ask why Let sleeping dogs lie