Tenderness (Нежность)
3:11 14 1 1 месяц
Автор музыки
Александра Пахмутова
Автор текста
мой перевод на английский слов С. Гребенникова и Н. Добронравова
Евгений Коновалов-Шангский
It is sad time in the life for me. It is empty Earth without you. Only falling autumn leaves around. Only taxis hurry somewhere. Only, I'm sad when I am alone without you. You fly in the space, You fly and the stars give you their tenderness. It was also empty on the earth, When Exupery was flying, And the foliage fell in the squares, And the Earth was awaiting him. How to live her without him, When he flew in the sky, He flew in the sky, and the stars gave him their tenderness. Earth is empty without you again. If you can, fly back soon...