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История одного парня, который затерялся в себе и совсем забыл, к чему стремился. Но осознав, что совершает ошибку, вновь потянулся к своей мечте. И все говорили ему, что он ничего не добьется, что он проиграет. Но этот парень отказался их слушать и продолжал свой путь Он упал, ошибся снова, но продолжил верить Именно вера в себя и в свои действия способны привести нас к мечте
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Lights went out in place where he’s been Seeing a darkness where he’s seen Brightly future, brightly time Now this place just never mind Maybe he was then obsessed Falsely thinking that he’s blessed But destroyed his vital way And keeps away This is man He lives like blind He saw sense imbued with wine And he never thought that he Made mistakes, he wrong, he leaves Leave his mind and spend his time And pretending that he is fine But destroyed his vital And keeps away At one moment this story changed This guy met a perfect thing His mind have been changed And in the mind was changed everything He made one-step and this step show to him a hundred miles And he found everything. Found happiness. Found smiles But nobody believes to him They told him: You will lose But.. Now this guy doesn’t hear their empty words Yeah.. He knows that he will meet a many shots Never mind.. ‘Cause he found it. He knows that. He looks there. See the shine And now he closed the door of room which one full of liars This guy continues to run to dream. There are many lights He made mistakes, he made a shot, but he got up… And still Believe in yourself Believes in the dream Believes, whatever he feels And after time and after pains he crossed the finish line and said: That you are never could see another life, another dream You are always told a dirty words and every time you’re wait my false But only I got cup. You stopped to create suppressing thoughts Believe in yourself Believe in your dream Believe in your step Believe in your feels Believe whatever you think Believe whenever you’ve been Believe in your choice Believe in your voice Because it’s can give you true Believe in all way of life Believe whatever you do