The Long Way To Nowhere
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Music & lyrics by Michael Star Feive
Words Of Prophecy
The Long Way To Nowhere ----------------------- For many a long years I've been wandering on But there's something more Than all those years left astern I'm lone I've no home My only friend's the roaring storm Like a pilgrim I am doomed to roam And I don't know Where I should look for my own The empty ocean's the place Where I've grown up And as the salt wind's Gently stirring my hair I know there must be place for me And ask the wind to take me there Soft moon in velvet sky Is heading my way I'm sailing thru' the night Toward coming day If I could just try There might be someone Who'd hear me cry If I had wings to fly so high That I could see Where I must go to be free Throwing overboard my veiled misery But when the sunrise comes My dreams are blown away Only mad waves run against the board And smash to sparkling spray ~ I feel so tired to keep wandering on Where is the shore That I've been missing so long I can't understand What if I never step the land But I believe thwere must be the end To my despair And when the new day begins I believe that will come true All my dreams Beyond the seas I'll find A new life at last And only gently blowing wind Will bring me back into my past Will bring me back into my past Back into my past