Dreams (1 - Intro, 2 - Machines, 3 - Dreams)
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Music & lyrics by Michael Star Feive
All But Everything
Machines -------- During long hours In a maze of the steel machines I was walking dumb Able not to percieve what it means In the long rows In the light of their shining eyes They were working hard As the parts of one great device I watched them work In never-ending circle Their breath was deathly cold Their age immensly old Their metal faces veiled with stenching mold In this wild noise In this rattle of working gear There was a human plea I could hear them appeal to me I stood awe-struck Feeling weight in my frozen limbs I was one of them now My skin covered with metal gleam Dreams ------ I must have gone to sleep Dreams touch my feelings deep But what is life at all Is it just what dreams us told And I'll make one more suggestion Ain't dreams all of what our lives consist Did someone ask a question If we all really do exist There might be world as well Where other beings dwell They might've never heard About our wretched Earth And we would be none other than The ones they dream of in their dreams And their awakening is the border Where our existence has to cease How would you feel being Just a non-existing image Within someone's mind I find it amusing 'cos then there's not much use In what we call our lives I must have gone to sleep Feel like I'm buried deep