24 Better Never Than Late
2:50 8 0 3 года
Автор музыки
Яна Зотова
Автор текста
Яна Зотова
Яна Зотова
Neither Sunshine nor blue sky can't help me get over you, over you 10 thousands milea away from me, 10 endless years no chance to see or to ask you: Will you come back? Will you come dack? Will it be like before? Years go by & who knows why I'm still too shy to let you know you are the love of my life You'll come back 'cos you've promised, but what for? 'cos I know this woman is your wife... Why did it take so long for you to come back? I've cried all my tears, now I think I hate you Will you ever realize that I've waited all my life for you to be here Now I'm too sick & I don't want you to see me so don't show up Now it's better never than late I don't understand why did I have to wait Now it's better than late For I'm not able to express myself no more Because my legs won't let me run to you! I dreamed that I could run to you but I can't You didn't hold me in your arms You didn't keep me safe from harm Now I'll never run to you I hardly can come to you! Sad but true So it's better never than late! ... but why does my heart still wait?