Staying beyond
4:15 30 0 2 года
Синти-поп, Эстрадная музыка
Автор музыки
Софья Крылова
Автор текста
Софья Крылова
Софья Крылова
Hey, I`m just gonna to choose. Today I`m not scared to loose. My mind is a temple of love With gods and goddesses above. And it doesn`t matter Wherever you go, whatever you do. Cause it`s better, You know what is better just only for you. Your imagination, Your creation, you know what you want. They won`t understand you Till the ending, and in any case you`re staying beyond. Today I`ll be shy or bright, Today I am darkness or light, Today I`ll be joyful or sad, Today I`m a lass or a lad.