Psychotic Walk
9:05 8 0 2 года
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Роман Т.
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Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
My precious queen, You let me win The time is mine We are within September night It seems alright What's making you Go outside? We're coming down We're getting out We see the town It's full of light You're feeling threat You're looking round I start to get What it's about Walking at night Losing your mind You're being led By the voice in your head You wanna run I do agree Your hand's in mine We're running quick At last we get To some dark yard You stop to bend, You touch the ground... And then you tell me that this man is not here You tell me you can hear people's thoughts You tell me that you can see the future But it's just your insane words You tell me that you love another But in a moment you take your words back You say you're ready to be with me forever You begin to weep and throw your arms around my neck Your lucid mind Is coming back It's all behind I hope for that The two of us We end this roam We get on bus We're going home