I.N.F.E.A.R. - Millenium
7:31 2 0 2 года
Дэт-метал, Трэш-метал
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Melnikov Denis
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Melnikov Denis
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Melnikov Denis
MILLENIUM The fiery storm sows ashes in a fit of temper Tormently the earth, burning down in a fever That the good or bad was made by mankind We only shake prodecaying crops of war Behold the child the end, a picture not to change Fire will burn all live completely The image, but not an essence will exchange only All beauty to address in a heap of stones Pass a millenium, and the world doesn't change Pass a millenium, and the world doesn't change All history of a civilization is constructed on violence All glory of governors is created on murders And to that ancient books tried to teach us For illiteracy we build cities of bones The intelligence is given us, but we don't use it Nuclear hurricane, this achievement of scientists Soot and poison of a waste, our gratitude to the nature Mad creation, here in what the person has turned The slavery and hunger, is a way to chaos blossoming Cannibalism in societies of floggings of terrible cults The ruthless children's death, is nonsense of fathers Open eyes and behold, in what our world changes? In your reason force to correct the future Look back in the past, change destiny of generation Time can be turned back, develop chaos Transform our world, develop dark illusions