I.N.F.E.A.R. - Stalingrad
6:06 8 0 2 года
Дэт-метал, Трэш-метал
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Melnikov Denis
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Melnikov Denis
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Melnikov Denis
It's my life
Stalingrad The roar of planes, screams, moans and bombings Sinking brothers in a bloody river Volga We have no weapons to relocate hellish slaughter Ahead of the enemy, that he trembles with our courage Adrenaline through the veins, the last spurt Fear sat down in the shower, around the flesh of meat In the blood and mud sink combat boots But behind Homeland, beyond the family Dying, we will write his name in blood Last Sigh, but not one step back Let the enemy tremble, we instill in him the fear He will not forget the city once - Stalingrad The last frontier hellish front line Each meter length of human life Crawling rotting body, picking up weapons We gritted teeth closer to victory Stalingrad is a mass grave This name has given the occupiers fear On the bones of the immortal legend was born The courage, the courage in our hearts