Swedish Princess
4:40 639 5 3 года
Краткое описание
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Экспериментальный рок, Психоделический рок, Инструментальный рок
Над треком работали
Павел Баев, Игорь Суменков, Роман Уразов
Автор музыки
Олег Багиров
Автор текста
Олег Багиров
MUMBAIFF, Павел Баев
История создания
1994 год... рядовой солдат влюбляется в девушку из высшего общества...
I look to stars every night, Because I cannot sleep So many times I wanna tried but I can’t get my dreams to keep When once I stand beside the home New constellation I saw It was the name of swedish princess… This little princess little girl, She lives to far away from me She has a power, grace and gold This tale not a fairytale to be But sadden light flashed in her eyes All grace and wealth removed beside It was the love of swedish princess… Once her family left home It was the common business trip In other land she met the soldier And love touch her heart so deeply He was the first whom she has loved In spite of he was just a soldier It was the heart of swedish princess… But all that story over sadden and sad There is no one who to accuse who is bad Who brook this magic love…??? Who killed this little white dove…??? So sad, they never will meet So bad, will never grow planted seed She just went back in a loneliness flame And only stars… Reminding to hear his name…