And it is you(demo)
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Над треком работали
on the road again
And it is you (lyrics by Yan) I’m walkin’ down the streets In the city that never sleeps Yeah it’s always the same In my own point of view Passin’ slowly through the noisy crowd Lookin’ nowhere not lookin’ around There’s somethin’ that I think about And it is you There’s somethin’ I’ve got inside Somethin’ makin’ the wrong things right Anything that may come Аnything that I do There’s something that keeps my engine hot And I keep on thankin’ God For amazing precious one I’ve got And it is you And let the winds go wild I don’t care Let the showers pour It doesn’t matter anymore If you’re with me forever Forever and ever Everyone needs a hand to hold In this strange cruel and crazy world When I’m out of the road And don’t know what to do Someone’s there for me to hold the light Someone’s there for me to help me fight There is someone special by my side And it is you Got the greatest treasure by my side And it is you