now is when i need ya
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make it through
Now is when I need ya (Lyrics by Michael Chavez) The day goes bye I’m staring out the window I’ve lived and died and now there’s nowhere left to go I can see the train trough the crying rain And now there’s nothing left to kill this pain Now is when I need ya baby Close your eyes and say you’re with me Let the words play in your head a while Now I need ya more than ever Help me learn to make it better Just say yes and I’ll believe in you The night is black and there’s no light to shine on me No turning back and I can’t fight what I can’t see Just take a stand as a desperate man And now there’s no one left who understands Now is when I need ya Now is when I need ya most need ya most Now now more than ever How about you I’ll believe in you One more day and I’m right back where I started from But that’s o.k. cause now I’d rather stay than run There’s no game no fortune or fame And now there’s no one left for me to blame