Don't Get Evil
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Make It Through
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Don’t get evil (for no reason) (Lyrics by Yan) Hey crazy why do you Put me down with a razor word Why should I tell you something slashing like a sword I’m doin’ nothin’ wrong then why are you so pissed You know your speaking is an iron fist You told me you love me is that the way you do Tell me what’s wrong with you Don’t get evil for no reason honey Girl that stupid it’s just funny You don’t have to blow your self up honey O baby don’t ya know Don’t get evil for no reason honey Don’t be sick you know it’s funny Don’t get evil for no reason honey C’mon C’mon C’mon So many times before I tried to get away You called me on my cell phone askin’ me to stay So tell me honey babe you love me or you don’t I guess you don’t know what you want You know I don’t wanna hurt ya girl I’m not gonna lie to ya girl Just listen to me cause I’m tired to fight ya girl Just look inside you set you mind totally free So miss fury miss anger tell me what you see You’re like a vulcan a rattle snake in the action Makin’ your selection until ya get satisfaction I’m tellin’ ya babe it’s a silicon way to feel It’s harder to rescue our love baby than to kill